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3rd Newsletter is released

The third newsletter from the Smart Rural Grid is out.  It covers activities over the past 12 months.  Technical descriptions and business cases are highlighted this time. Download and read today!

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Newsletter No. 2 is out

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This is the second, official newsletter from the project. For continuous updates follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (go to front page to enter) . For specific updates on the project contact the editor (photo below).

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Second Newsletter from the project
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Estabanell recieves innovation price for Smart Rural Grid project

Captura global de coneixement sobre ‘smart’ i disseny del futur

Infraestructures de telecomunicacions en entorns rurals. Si s’agafa la definició de xarxes intel·ligents (X.I.) com la integració dinàmica del desenvolupament d’enginyeria elèctrica i els avenços de les TIC dins del negoci d’energia elèctrica amb la finalitat obtenir una integració de les diferents parts implicades per obtenir una gestió eficient….


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Newletter No. 1 is out. Download your copy here.

Newsletter No. 1 is out. Get to know the project even better. Meet some of our key people. Learn more about the project’s progress.

Newsletter No. 1 2015
The Smart Rural Grid project presents its first prototype on PLC Communications

PLC technologies have often been used in urban areas where communication distances are limited to a few hundred meters. The SmartRural Grid team is extending this so as to cater for much longer transmission distances, 10-15 km, to support transmission along radial power lines that stretch across long distances, typically in remote rural areas.

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EU Commission supports Smart Rural Grid research & innovation

The new research project “Smart Rural Grid” sponsored by the EU Commission will cater for a more robust and resilient energy supply in rural districts. Local consumers and the environment will also be winners as the methods applied will help to curtail prices and encourage use of renewable energy production.

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