Smart Rural Grid Demo Workshop coming up on May 23rd

Consumers will lead the energy transition – DSOs will be the active facilitators


The Smart Rural Grid outcome is the solution for integrating distributed generation without grid investments and environmental impact.

  • Local for local is possible in the electricity market.
  • The management of packets of electricity is the solution.
  • The Smart Grid will be possible regardless how meshed your network is.
  • Hosting capacity will not be a problem anymore.

We are pleased to invite you to the , which will be held on 23rd May 2017 in Barcelona, at Teatre Auditori of Granollers.

Conference admission is free of charge and we very much hope that you are interested to participate. For registration to the conference, please fill in and submit the online form.

Deadline for registration is 12th May 2017.

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IEEE Webinar 22nd of November: Smart Rural Grid – Digitalizing the Electrical Grid

Ramon Gallart and Santi Martinez:

The management of packets of electricity will change the way the electricity is distributed.  The outcome of the SRG project will allow utilities to interconnect energy between a variety of actors, including prosumers, consumers, distributed generators and energy storages, to enable multi-directional power flows. Such power flows are managed by an innovative hierarchical management tool, enabling the optimization of the operation of the rural grid while both isolated and connected to the main distribution grid. In the power plane of the architecture, power flows are controlled by exploiting the flexibility provided by a variety of wired and wireless communication technologies that helps to cope with geographical restrictions, along with an innovative so called Intelligent Distribution Power Router (IDPR) device. This device, which is based on power electronics and secondary batteries, permits to actually route power between each of the phases of the three-phase distribution system. Follow link for more.

Smart Rural Grid at European Utility Week

Ramon Gallart and Santi Martinez are once more spearheading the dissemination effort. This time at this year’s EUW in Barcelona. Tuesday 15 Nov they will present the latest from the project. Click the image for more.



Niagara 2016 Symposium on Microgrids

Dr. Volker Bühner from Kisters has been invited to present the SRG project at the Niagara 2016 Symposium on Microgrids on October 20-21 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The event is part of a series of events under the heading “International Microgrid Symposiums”. The purpose of these events is to exchange information internationally, yet informally, on the current state of research on microgrids, and to identify key technical, economic, and policy issues that should be addressed by future work.

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New webinar coming up November 22nd 19:00 hours CET.

The successful webinar hosted on the 8th of September will be follow up later this fall. This time the event will be hosted by IEEE. This will be scheduled so as to stir the interest of IEEE members in North America. A fantastic opportunity to present European R&D.


Santi Martinez and Ramon Gallart present project results in Helsinki on September 13th.

Helsinki will be the meeting place for GEODE members and EU Commission on September 13th.  Santi Martinez and Ramon Gallart will present project results during the event.

Follow this link to read more about the event:



The Norwegian regulator looks to Smart Rural Grid

downloadOn 8th of September Bernt Bremdal will hold a presentation on the application of advanced microgrid technologies in Norway.  The Smart Rural Grid project will be the case study presented.  The presentation will take place at NVE’s KSU seminar in Bodø in the northern part of Norway.  NVE is the Norwegian regulator and Bremdal has been invited to make his presentation in a section on new technologies and approaches to energy supply where flexibility is a main topic. The KSU seminar rallies people from the internal organization of NVE as well as utilities.  It is a great honor to be invited and a great opportunity to make an impact.

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Smart Rural Grid, digitalising the electric grid: Webinar

The application of digital technologies will encourage the growth of renewable and distributed energy resources, increasing involvement of electricity customers and businesses in both managing and producing energy.

The smart grid involves the application of advanced communications and control technologies and practices to improve reliability, efficiency and security, which are key ingredients in the ongoing modernization of the rural electricity delivery infrastructure.

The rural smart grid technologies are being applied across the electric network, including distribution and customer-based systems. For more details check out the Engerati site and sign on for the webinar her.



1st international Community Electricity Storage Workshop (iCES)

Meet Professor Andreas Sumper from CITCEA – UPC at this event which is held at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin on February 9, 2016

Program can be downloaded here.

Smart Grid responsible in Estabanell and WP7 leader, , Ramon Gallart speaks at COETTC in Barcelona on September 29, 2015.  His presentation has the title: Necessitas de les telecommunications  per se explotades a les xarxes intelligents rurals where he will present essentials for the pilot work in the project.