Estabanell y Pahisa Energia - EYPESA

Estabanell y Pahisa Energia, S.A.) was founded in 1996 as a result of legal changes in the electrical sector, but its original electrical activity began in 1910.

EYPESA has a network of over 1.100 km from Camprodon to Granollers, servicing more than 56.000 power customers, with two substations where it connects to the transmission network at 220kV, distributing electricity through more than 800 secondary substations.

EYPESA combines the roles of Distribution Systems Operator (DSO) and retailer, in the electricity domain, deploying a customer focussed relationship marketing, and as telecom operator, providing dark fibre and PLC based telecommunications. The main business activity is electric electricity distribution, but since the last ten years it is collaborating with several technological sectors to test and develop new telecommunications technologies over the MV grid using PLC (Power Line Communications). Since technology and equipment became available, their technicians have been performing pilot tests related to remote management, having attained sufficient knowledge to proceed to systematic deployment while aware of the important challenges of rural, dispersed communications and respect for the environment. The company has created, since 1984, its own telecommunications network and automation of power distribution network operation.

EYPESA is a founding member of the national association of small independent distributors ASEME and is also member of GEODE association, which comprises European local distributors serving over 100 million customers. It actively participates in the design of telecommunications networks in the physical environment, using networks of high, medium and low voltage data transmission providing value to a structure that shares electricity capacity and telecommunications. In general EYPESA will play the role of a living lab, and reinforcement of all activities related to Demand Response. The company  will be active in all the WP’s, but the main focus will be in coordinating the consortium within WP1 (Project Management). It will also be very active in WP2 (Architecture & Use Cases), WP7 (Pilots &Evaluation) and WP8 (Dissemination and Exploitation).
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Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya - UPC

Created in 2001, CITCEA-UPC belongs to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and it is devoted to research, innovation and technological transfer to the industry. Currently, eight CITCEA-UPC members belong to the staff of professors of UPC and the rest of the team consists of engineers, PhD students and master students, more than sixty people. The group activity is focused on mechatronics and Enertronics fields. Mecatronics combines the fundamentals of mechanical, electrical, power electronics and computer engineering. Enertronics is the synergistic combination of electronic signal and power, computing and control systems. Previous experience in relevant projects including the construction of power electronic equipment and integration:

UPC will develop the Intelligent Distribution Power Router (IDPR) based on power electronics and integrate that router in the utility ICT system to operate the distribution system in an optimal manner, taking in account high renewable penetration ratios, electricity efficiency goals and security margins. Also, the IDPR serves as a test bench for the energy and data management systems and for the field test of the pilot. The research group has a deep insight in power system engineering and power electronics; this experience will be contributed in different WPs along the project.
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ZIV Communications - ZIV

ZIV Communications, founded in 1967 as DIMAT S.A., is a Spanish manufacturer with a complete range of PLC communications systems, digital protection and control equipment for high, medium and low voltage electric power networks. Some of the innovative products of the ZIV Group in the field of PLC communications are:

  • § Universal PLC system for high voltage transport lines, covering both analogue and digital user information
  • § Wideband and narrowband PLC systems for medium voltage distribution automation
  • § PRIME OFDM modem for automatic meter reading over low-voltage networks
  • § Integrated digital protection and control equipment for transmission and distribution networks, substation automation and industrial applications. ZIV Communications will be the leader of WP4 (Communications) as well as a participant with the responsibility of developing new PLC technologies suited to the project needs. ZIV will also participate in all other work packages.

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Xarxa Oberta de Comunicació i Tecnologia de Catalunya - XOC

Xarxa Oberta de Comunicació i Tecnologia de Catalunya -XOC ( is telecommunications operator founded in 2010 as a result of the award of the contract published by the Centre de Telecomunicacions de la Generalitat de Catalunya

(the Generalitat) in November 2010. XOC has a 20 year services contract with the Catalan regional government, to provide Next Generation Network (NGN) services to the Generalitat and to Retail Service Providers (RSPs) in Catalonia. XOC is a company controlled by Imagina, is connecting Generalitat sites in the fields of health, education, justice and safety in municipalities of Catalonia. XOC is also actively selling wholesale services to the markets where its network is being deployed.

XOC network is based on fibre infrastructure with more than 2500km in Catalonia, with an optical backbone and Ethernet aggregation network. The catalogue of available services includes Point to Point Ethernet Services, Transparent Transport Service, Dark Fibre Leasing Service and Colocation services. The service price w depend on the distance and will be the same regardless of the distance between two locations of the service, except for dark fibre leasing out of metropolitan areas. A complete information system, oriented toward open access networks, has been implemented and customized to meet the requirements. As an Open Access Network for Wholesale market, the provision of services should be done by conforming to the following principles of neutrality: Equality, Transparency and Homogeneity.

XOC will be responsible for fibre optical broadband deployment as close as possible of rural areas providing connectivity to CATNIX node in Barcelona (International Neutral Internet Exchange node) sharing backbone infrastructure with the DSO in order to save investment and increase redundancy. Also XOC will contribute in access wireless network design and will support the retail service provider in portfolio definition services, marketing and commercial approach to pilot customers.
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Founded in 1963 as an engineering agency, today KISTERS AG ( is a worldwide growing IT-company with 520 employees and several international subsidiaries. Besides engineering services KISTERS offers leading technology solutions and standard software for the energy market and for the highly specialised fields of water and air quality management. KISTERS’ high-capacity scalable systems can easily be tailored to customers’ and local demands.

With the software BelVis, KISTERS serves more than 600 companies in the liberalised energy market with amongst others solutions for energy data management (power, gas) and resource optimisation. The optimisation software BelVis ResOpt produces optimally planned structures, resource streams, portfolios and systems, and plans the management of energy resources in a multi-energy and multimarket environment with the clear goals of increasing profit, reducing costs, protecting resource streams and avoiding emissions. KISTERS software is state-of-the-art and already in operation in smart grids and smart energy projects. Professional competence and years of operational experience with 1.700 customers in 37 countries make KISTERS an internationally sought-after partner for software solutions.

In the German speaking area KISTERS is market leader in water resources management and energy data management. The core capabilities are energy-industry consultation, software for multi-commodity-optimisation, forecasting, energy data management, portfolio management and SCADA-technology for dispersed power generation
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Stadtwerke Rosenheim Netze - SWRO

Stadtwerke Rosenheim Netze (SWRO Netze) is subsidiary company of the Stadtwerke Rosenheim GmbH & Co KG Company. SWRO Netze was founded in 2005 due to legal requirements. It operates the electricity network independently of the parent company. The first network was built 1895 and supplies 42,000 power customers in the city of Rosenheim with a central urban network and rural network structures on the outskirts. The main business of SWRO Netze is the distribution of electricity, gas, water and district heating, the electricity measurement, billing against other suppliers and electricity market communications.

SWRO Netze operates 195 km 20 kV medium voltage and 386 km low voltage cables and two transformer substations from 110 to 20 kV with a network load of 52 MW and 260 GWh/a.

SWRO is member of GEODE, the German energy associations BDEW and VBEW and is member of VDE/FNN which is responsible for the normalization. Stadtwerke Rosenheim owns 100 % of the subsidiary telecommunication company “komro GmbH”, which operates a local cable TV network with 25,000 customers, which provides her networks.

The main contribution of SWRO Netze will be in WP5 (Data and Energy Management system) and WP7 Pilots and Evaluation. The exchange of experiences, analysis and data are also important.

  • § Detection of power quality and network parameters in high resolution in rural network parts
  • § Compare the data and analysis with the results of Estabanell Energia
  • § Testing the various telecommunication transmissions (Cable TV and GSM/GPRS IP based VPN tunnel)
  • § Building a long-term archiving with evaluation and a nearly real-time alarming, if quality parameters are passed.
  • § Simulate different technical solutions to improve the network quality

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CG Power Systems Ireland - CGA

CG Power Systems Ireland Ltd., Automation Systems Division, (CGA) is a leading supplier of control and automation solutions, services and products for monitoring and control of power transmission and distribution across various market sectors, predominantly Power Utilities and Renewable Generation.  CG Automation has a long and successful track record in delivering automation products and solutions across the globe from high voltage substations through primary distribution to secondary distribution and renewable generation. Solutions range from fully integrated Substation Automation Systems based on IEC61850 architecture to wide area secondary automation monitoring with integrated fault detection.

CG Automation is a full spectrum supplier, offering monitoring, control, communications, automation, protection, integration, installation, commissioning, energisation, training, maintenance and support. Offerings may range from basic product supply to full turnkey systems with responsibility for project management, system architecture, site works and system performance.

The company has a long history of innovation and technical leadership in electric network monitoring and control applications. CG Automation`s broad product range utilizes the latest technologies in hardware, software and communications. Continual emphasis is given to active product research and development that incorporates industry trends and Customers` requirements.

CG Automation is part of CG Group which is a $1.5bn engineering and supply company with more than 15,000 employees worldwide. It is primarily focused on Power Utilities, offering a complete product range including Power/Distribution Transformers, AIS & GIS Switchgear, T&D Turnkey Solutions, T&D Automation, Project Engineering and Services.

CGA is the leader of this WP6 and will be responsible for the system integration, test and validation phase, with special attention to the interoperability of the system. CGA will participate in all other work packages to ensure successful system integration.

CGA will contract some part of its tasks to its sister company in UK, CG Automation Systems UK Ltd. (CGA-UK), mainly related to hardware design, construction and integration, and on-site integration tasks.
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Smart Innovation Østfold - SMARTIO

The Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) Smart Energy Markets was established by the Norwegian government as one of twelve world class centres consisting of clusters of enterprises and academic institutions within dedicated fields of expertise. NCE Smart Energy Markets has specific focus on energy markets. The centre is managed by Smart Innovation Østfold (SMARTIO) which is located in Halden, Norway. SMARTIO organizes Norway’s leading cluster of industries and academic institutions within Smart Grid and Smart Energy Market Research and Innovation. SMATIO develops smart and sustainable solutions through research based innovation and business development. Emphasis is on techno-economic models, business intelligence, prosumers and user flexibility. It holds key competences in relevant and applied R&D, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and process development to cater for new businesses based on research results generated. Its history is rooted in a long tradition of cutting-edge energy-related developments stemming from the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Halden in the 1980s. i.e. the world’s first system for competitive energy trading market (1991), first system for emissions trading (2005). SMARTIO and the associated cluster have long traditions for creating energy related spin-outs around new products and technologies. Together with SINTEF and Narvik University College SMARTIO was a founding partner of the Norwegian Smart Grid Centre in Trondheim.

SMARTIO is especially responsible for work package 8, dissemination and exploitation. With its particular history and focus it is especially suited for this task to assure that a good platform for further capitalisation on project results is established.

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