We invent the Smart Rural Grid

The Smart Rural Grid  project aims to develop the smart rural grid and explore the best ways to make the transition from the current rural distribution networks to the new using novel smart grid technologies and associated business concepts. The project will  reconsider rural network distribution architectures that are currently used and introduce, combine and test  an entirely new concept that we hasve  named the Smart Rural Grid. Smart Rural Grid will accommodate telecommunications, control and storage technologies and other systems and devices to revamp existing structures and to ensure a successful inception of the new concept developed in the project.

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Our mission

  • To develop an Intelligent Distribution Power Router (IDPR)
  • To develop new technologies for PLC over electricity distribution networks. 
  • To develop a robust communication network to connect IDPRs with each other.
  • To develop a data and energy control system that manages local micro-production units and different IDPRs
  • To integrate all the novel features into one, single platform
  • To demonstrate and validate the system full-scale in two European regions to assess the technological and economic feasibility of this new, innovative platform.